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Anyone who is everyone knows how vital the brakes are for the safety of the passengers and people outside, in essence brake pads take the brunt of all the pressure required to stop a car.

Since they are so critical to the safety of everyone on board and people nearby, the brake system should be meticulously checked every time your vehicle is serviced, and always by a professional mechanic.

With any Motor vehicle, a clutch is a pivotal device providing the necessary transmission power to run your car, every car has a basic-clutch and gearbox, while automatic cars simply refer to it as automatic transmission; basically your clutch is the physical disconnection between your engine and the wheels of the car.

Anytime you hear transmission repairs, 9 out of 10 times it involves around a clutch replacement, clutches aren’t usually high maintenance but if you sniff something out of the ordinary like a smelly, burnt transmission oil or you constantly find your car slipping in between gears and can’t easily park anymore, you should immediately arrange for someone to service your clutch because it would either need to be adjusted or replaced.

Immediate Brake/Clutch repair and replacement

  • Brake shoe, pad, rotor replacement
  • Disc and Drum machining
  • Brake fluid, Clutch pedal, Clutch disc, Clutch fluid replacement
  • Master & Slave cylinder replacement
  • For all Private and commercial vehicles
  • Servicing all kinds of models
  • Guaranteed work with same day service

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I’ve trusted my mechanic needs with Michael at Eastbound for years now. He is trustworthy, skilled, and fairly priced. It’s difficult to find an honest mechanic, so once you find one you stick with them.

Matthew saliba

The most flexible and helpful mechanic I have dealt with yet. Brought my car in early before they opened and they could accommodate. This way I could get to work.

john paul fuller jackson

Honest, knowledgeable service with fair pricing. Been there many times and keep coming back!


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